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Own your share of the future with Trustshare

Trustshare is a Security Token* recorded on blockchain, representing ownership of yeswetrust AG backed by real assets including real estate, an impact fund, and a mobile App.


What is the Trustshare?

The Trustshare represents an equity share in yeswetrust AG,
an innovative social-tech company in Zug, Switzerland.

As an shareholder of yeswetrust AG (“ywt”), you will own share of the

  • ywt mobile App that rewards for a healthy lifestyle
  • ywt Real Estate portfolio of experience resorts
  • ywt Investment Fund for impact start-ups

Security Token

your participation in the future, in yeswetrust AG.

  • The Security Token* is available starting 8 August 2022 in Switzerland and from 9 September 2022 in Europe
  • ywt is raising a maximum of CHF 24,000,0000
  • Minimum investment requirement of CHF 500 per investor

*See the prospectus documents prior to purchase. Investors are encouraged to read and understand the terms of the offering before making a purchase decision. Access here : English ; Translations


The Trustshare is the security token* that yeswetrust offers to investors, wanting to contribute as token holder to the success of the company. The token is a digital asset reflecting the shares of the company on the blockchain. Polygon (MATIC) is used as blockchain.

Translation: The yeswetrust Trustshare Token is only available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden & Switzerland. yeswetrust is committed to carefully reviewing the necessary documents before any investment is made.

The Trustshare will be released for sale starting on or about 8 August 2022. The Trustshare is available in Europe starting on or about 09 September 2022. Tokens can be purchased as long tokens are available for sale.

yeswetrust represents a unique, profitable, diversified and impact-creating investment opportunity. The components compose real estate resorts, an investment fund for impact creating startups (venture capital) and a mobile App with exponential growth potential. The Trustshare is linked to the success of the yeswetrust company and its generating profits. We see multiple investors who are supporting the vision.

Please register either on the mobile App of yeswetrust or the website ( Following the link “Invest now” which directs to the Registration area, KYC procedure (Know Your Customer). Upon KCY approval, one can start the investment process via Inapay.

The minimum investment amount is CHF 500 (equal to a minimum of 40 tokens, at the price of CHF 12.50).

The maximum investment amount is CHF 10 Mio. For investment amounts beyond CHF 100,000+ we are able to arrange an individual onboarding with the CEO or the management of yeswetrust. Contact us via

The Tokens are offered and may be sold/transferred only to persons who are permitted to acquire, hold and sell these Tokens under the relevant laws applicable to them.

Tokenholders are entitled to dividends and liquidation proceeds, if any. Tokenholders can submit a request for information or even inspection request. In case of liquidation, Tokenholders are entitled to liquidation proceeds, if any.

Yes, each investor has to register and pass the KYC process. The KYC checking is undertaken in mobile App or desktop browser.

Tokens are transferred to your wallet upon completion of the Public Sale. The process is documented on blockchain and can take some time, reason being the effective technical execution.

The Trustshare entitles for dividends. The Trustshare value is linked to the company’s performance and growth. yeswetrust has multiple USPs and has tested its products and services. The company is to expand in several markets and increase the community base. Multiple synergies can be used. The market potential is large and with the blockchain technology new solutions can be created to solve existing challenges.

The whole project was created in a strong partnership with industry leaders from blockchain technology and legal / compliance. The STO covers all legal requirements and has a separate document (legal prospectus) that describes all the legal topics in detail.

yeswetrust aligned with ESG EU committee for non-financial disclosure that makes yeswetrust report to the EU committee on integration of sustainable practices of its stakeholders and internal operations. Impact creating startups are going to be funded, sustainable and organice stores are listed in the marketplace of yeswetrust, and a B2B product called Trustpass is offered to companies to act in a more sustainable and responsible way.

yeswetrust is registered and located at: yeswetrust AG, Haldenstrasse 5, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

yeswetrust is available for download on
iOS (