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For Investors

Investment with Impact

yeswetrust is a swiss social tech company, based in Zug Switzerland.


Our goal is to create a diversified and rentable investment possibility that creates positive impact.


App: The yeswetrust AG developed the worlds first personal growth app that helps you discover your purpose, interact with people, launch your own project and create impact.


Trustpoints: The yeswetrust AG builds innovationcenters called Trustpoints.


Startups: The yeswetrust AG funds innovative Startups that operating in the sectors health, sustainability and technology.


We are building the future. Together. Participate in this journey as an investor.


We are looking for.

We are looking for Smartmoney, Strategical Partners, people that are adding value to the yeswetrust projects / ecosystem (not only money as investment). We select our Investors in the current round to create a strong fundament and bring the vision of yeswetrust alive. Later in 2020, we will go public, to have people all over the world buying shares of yeswetrust (Trustshares) through the yeswetrust App and participate and profit with every step we do.


Angel Investors

Private individuals that believe in yeswetrust and want to support from the beginning. We are open for proposals.


Fund Manager

We are open for investments from funds (e.g. sustainability, impact or other orientation). Feel free to contact us for possibilities.


Private Investors

You are interested in a sustainable, future mindset investment possibility as a private individual? Feel free to contact us.



We are searching for strategic partners in different sections, such as investment, business development, coaching or other.

Interested? Let's talk about it.