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Creating the future with humans we trust.

With the yeswetrust ecosystem, you have the power to create the world you want to live in.
The ecosystem is composed of 3 core activities:


  • – The yeswetrust App rewarding a healthy lifestyle, education, and finding your favourite spots
  • – Real Estate access through co-working and co-living spaces around the world
  • – Impact Fund venture capital funding for impact creating startups

The yeswetrust App

The App is the entry point and a core component of the yeswetrust ecosystem. It is used by people around the globe as a daily companion for their personal growth, as well as a tool to connect with like-minded humans.


– Tools for personal development
– Journeys
– Play to earn


– Social Media reimagined
– School of impact
– Spots / Marketplace


– Security Token: Trustshare
– Utility Token: YEET
– Voting on Blockchain


Crypto Experience Resorts

In a world full of digital communications we believe in bringing people back together for special reasons and create transforming experiences

Events, Workshops, Retreats

Co-working spaces

Co-living spaces

Vegan Restaurants

Organic Stores

Holiday 3.0
body, mind, soul

The Impact Fund

The Impact Fund is a Venture Capital inspired investment fund that supports new impact-led startups with capital funding. The goal is to build the next generation of leaders.

Introducing Incubator 3.0

yeswetrust is fruitful soil for seed stage startups. We offer the right ingredients that help you bring your vision to life.



Trusted Network

Blockchain Development

Marketing & Sales

Mentors & Coaches

Place to live

App & Web Developement

yeswetrust allocates 20% of membership fees to charity and startups:
10% to fund impact-led startups
10% donated to charities
The purpose of funding startups is to support the unsatisfied but ambitious generation of youth by tackling current world problems and developing solutions through impact creating startups that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The purpose of funding charities is to help humans meet their basic needs.