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School of Impact

The School of Impact: A Human-Centred Education

The School of Impact’s purpose is simple – to help people lead more fulfilled lives through a human-centred lens. Education means an exchange of learning and teaching – a portal to intellectually and mindfully stretch our minds. The access to disruptive education is central to yeswetrust’s ethos.

We believe that the education systems around the world need to be upgraded and brought up-to-speed. What does this new learning system look and feel like when done right? Education that is interactive, playful and rewarding. The School of Impact creates access to lifelong learning and offers clarity on finding your purpose and blazing your own unique trail while doing so!

Are you ready to learn from the mavericks of impactful leadership themselves? The School of Impact’s teachers are walking their unique talk and are offering their real-time tested methods throughout our programs. It is your turn to bring your impactful story to life. We offer the knowledge and support necessary. All you need to bring to class is – an open mind and a desire to make this world a better place. See you in the classroom!

Programs of School of Impact

Sustainability Program

Sustainability Program

yeswetrust has partnered with TryWork to start the journey of aligning our community with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Sustainability Program

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