Collaboration with VeganNation – yeswetrust
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Collaboration with VeganNation

We are happy to anounce the collaboration between vegannation and yeswetrust. The founders of both companies Isaac and Stefan met in October 2019 in Tel Aviv. Both companies are on the same mission, to create positive global impact. The Collaboration will be focused on education, supporting vegan companies and create awareness together.

About vegannation:

The building of a vegan nation. A true impact economy for a healthy earth.

We Connect People

Business directory and sustainable marketplace empowered by the official vegan digital currency, the VeganCoin. Connecting all vegan businesses and conscious consumers to drive the right impact economy, the vegan economy forward

Digital Wallet
Now the community can engage directly with businesses and organizations to help each other during challenging times. Our digital wallet enables crowdfunding, P2P lending & B2B credit line services, as well as VeganCoin transactions

Consulting & Support
Webinars, professional support from top global and local experts from various areas of business to help guide & lead the global vegan economy out of this crisis. We are also consulting on government programs available due to COVID-19

And much more…
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